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Saborstudio Releasing Sequel To Hit iOS Game Pota-Toss


February 15, 2013 -- New York City & San Jose, Costa Rica -- Saborstudio is proud to announce the release of Pota-Toss World Tour, the sequel to its hit original release Pota-Toss Social, featuring new potato characters, location aware solo play, and a unique in-game ad platform.

“I’m so proud of the work the team has accomplished,” said José Cayasso, CEO of Saborstudio, “and I am excited to share our Pota-Toss World Tour with our fans in the US and at home here in Costa Rica.”

DreamIt Ventures Saborstudio, based in Costa Rica, launched last year after graduating from the DreamIt NYC Accelerator. “We're thrilled that we had the opportunity to work with Saborstudio in our DreamIt program this past summer,” said Mark Wachen, Managing Director of DreamIt Ventures New York. “The Saborstudio team is remarkably talented and Pota-Toss World Tour is an incredibly impressive sequel to Pota-Toss Social.”

DreamIt’s investment in Saborstudio is the first for a Costa Rican company by a US accelerator. “We were not aware that we were the first US accelerator to accept a Costa Rican company, and we chose Saborstudio based solely on the excellence of the company and its founders,” said David Bookspan, DreamIt Ventures founding partner. “If Saborstudio is an indication of Costa Rican startup talent, we look forward to working with many more.”

New Potato Characters Inspired by the over 100,000 downloads of the original Pota-Toss within the first three months of launch, Pota-Toss World Tour builds upon its predecessor’s success with a new single player mode featuring new potato characters to fling across beautiful and location-aware landscapes.

“There are lots of new potato characters that interact with each other in different ways,” said Cayasso, who also works as character, level and interface designer. “We designed incredible landscapes for the original Pota-Toss and now there are more ways to play on them.”

Billboards Pota-Toss also improves upon the studio’s innovations in mobile advertising. “We believe traditional mobile ads interfere with the game experience, this is why we’ve developed a non-intrusive and location based ads system,” said Cayasso.

“One of the best parts of the game is how the scenery changes relative to the user’s location,” said Saborstudio CTO Phillipe Casorla. “This provides for many different game play environments as well as interesting ways to incorporate advertising without intrusive pop-ups that ruin the game experience.”

The game features billboards through most game levels that were designed to blend with the landscapes but still be quite visible to the users in a way that is not invasive. Each ad exposure is guaranteed to be at least 30 seconds long, which brings a great presence value to the brand. “It allows placing ads in unimaginable places, such as the Pyramids of Giza or Stonehenge,” said Cayasso.


Download Pota-Toss World Tour is available February 18th in the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad.

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Contact: José Cayasso, CEO, Saborstudio [email protected]

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Pota-Toss now available on the App Store!

Saturday October 20th, New York, NY -

After an intensive year of development, Saborstudio, a New York and Costa Rica based gaming studio and a DreamIt Ventures’ accelerated startup, announces the release of its first title, Pota-Toss. The game’s launch presentation was held last Thursday, where the startup’s founders formally realeased the game on the App Store for both iPhone and iPad, in front of a packed auditorium.

The App became an immediate hit in the startup's home country of Costa Rica where the game was first made available; within 24 hours it ranked as the #1 Top Free App and the #3 Top Grossing App on the local App Store. It was released on the App Stores worldwide this Saturday.

Pota-Toss is a social artillery game, where the main character, Larry Potato, must defend his home from horde of rotten Spuds trying to spoil it. However, the most important feature in the game is not the intuitive controls, but the amazing sceneries, which reflect the player's true location in the world.

Saborstudio has designed over 100 location-aware scenarios including all major cities in the United States and other countries around the world. Using the GPS available on most mobile devices, the game presents the user with a screen landscape that portrays a creative representation of the geographic position (cities, landmarks,...) where the user is located. With this feature, players will get to see not only their location but their opponent's, on a virtual tour through the recreated world of Pota-Toss. The tuber-tossing concept first reached the public eye last year, when it successfully completed a Kickstarter Campaign, raising over twice its original goal. Since then, the game has garnered acclaim; Techcrunchand CNN called it "The Next Angry Birds" and BusinessInsider compared its graphics to a Pixar movie.

The App also features an innovative ad system, that allows advertisers to sponsor a game-level in the form of a highway billboard. Billboards blend in with the landscape, offering very aesthetic and non-invasive exposure to the players, within the game. With this structure Saborstudio intends to revolutionize the mobile ad system by reinventing the way ads are displayed, while integrating the location-aware features on the game.

Pota-Toss is now available FREE on App Stores Worldwide, for both iPhone and iPad. For more information you can contact José Cayasso, CEO of Saborstudio at +1 (347) 329-3854 or at [email protected] About Saborstudio, a New York and Costa Rica based startup focused on building a Stunning Location Aware mobile game platform.

Pota-Toss partners with LoopJoy to distribute In-App Physical Goods

New York, NY- The tuber-tossing artillery game just became one of the first iOS games to include physical goods as In-App Purchases. The new Christmas edition of Pota-Toss was released today on the App Store and allows users to purchase Larry Potato-themed T-Shirts and iPhone cases, thanks to LoopJoy's SDK.

The Kickstarter-funded game caught the world’s attention thanks to the inclusion of Location-Aware scenery, which reflects the player’s true location in the world. During production the game was reviewed by Techcrunch and CNN as “The Next Angry Birds”, while the game graphics were reviewed by Business Insider as “almost like a Pixar Movie”.

Saborstudio, the Costa Rica + New York based startup behind the game is a DreamIt Ventures Alumnus and released the game last October. The app has had an average of over 3,000 installations per day and is close to reaching 100,000 users worldwide; growth that the developers attribute to the social integration with Facebook.

Pota-Toss is available for Free on the App Store for both iPhone and iPad,

LoopJoy works with selected developers on a Revenue Share basis, providing the in-app technology to make this happen, and taking care of the production and shipping. “Partnering with Loopjoy allows us to keep focusing on our game and our users while monetizing the app and the characters in alternative ways”, stated Jose Cayasso, CEO at Saborstudio.

At the moment, Pota-Toss is offering both T-Shirts and iPhone cases which can be purchased on the Potato Store without having to leave the app. Tees sell for $16.99 and cases for $18.99, while the companies hope to expand to other product types in the near future and as the market grows.